One-Line Bio

An analytic, analytic who found her niche in life


I work full time in business research, primarily competitive intelligence, at EastSight Consulting which I founded in 2001. I have the proper credentials for CI consulting:
1. Harvard MBA
2. Over 20 years industry work experience
3. Over ten years specializing in CI
4. A web site
5. Articles in, Competitive Intelligence Magazine, and other publications
6. Speeches at the annual SCIP conference and other venues

Other professional info can be found at

Now more about ME. I really enjoy the research biz because I love discovering information and putting together the pieces of the puzzle. I also think that the work ought to change every few months or so. This attitude definitely comes from the university professors in my family who seek knowledge for its own sake and teach different classes every semester. I could have followed in my father's footsteps as my siblings did and become a college professor as well, but the really, really, really long research project called a dissertation discouraged me. So I discovered business, and later business research.

I live in Wellesley, Massachusetts (not because I attended Wellesley College although I did), but because the schools here are terrific and I have two adorable children who are just starting their journey through the educational system. After all, researchers can live anywhere telephone and broadband service exist.

I used to have a cat who hurt my productivity greatly, both because he would sit on my papers and the computer keyboard, but also because he would gaze at me with the relaxed, not-a-care-in-the-world look of cats that says "why worry?" I had to move him to my lap and remind him that some one around here had to work to pay for his cat food and kitty litter. Now I have to work even harder since my kids eat much more than my cat ever did.


Business, gardening, mysteries